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Are you going round and round in circles? You can picture yourself walking down the aisle and you can envision your future together. But what you don't see is the diamond of your dreams on the ring finger of your left hand.

Of course he loves you and you've talked about marriage, but somehow he hasn't quite grasped that you're waiting for something sparkly to be slipped on your finger. What's a girl to do? Use the power of suggestion to convince him that buying you an engagement ring was his idea all along.

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Just like a diamond has many facets, there are several aspects to completing your mission. Your first step is dropping some subtle hints. Repetition is the key. Keep in mind that you can also adapt these clues for an anniversary ring.
  • Respond to everything he says with "That has a nice ring to it."
  • Program his cell phone to the song "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."
  • Compliment him frequently on his sparkling conversation.
  • Invite him over to watch the movie Diamonds Are Forever.
  • Announce that your favorite baseball team is the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • Buy him a telescope so you can count the rings of Saturn together.
  • Put travel brochures for Diamond Head, Hawaii in his briefcase.
    (This could accomplish two goals to get him thinking about a honeymoon destination too!)
  • Always give him a coaster. Tell him rings belong on a finger, not on your table.
  • Remove the hearts, clubs and spades from his deck of cards and replace them with diamonds.
  • Keep your homepage to


Now that he's thinking about rings, it's time to get more specific. Casually flip through a magazine and point out how that oval-shaped diamond would look so beautiful on your size 6 finger. Comment that a platinum setting is really flattering to your skin tone. Always have a back-up plan; make sure your friends and family know your preferences and ring size.

From educating him about the 4C's - cut, color, clarity and carat-weight - to helping him select a magnificent diamond and elegant setting, will guide him through every step of the process. An industry leader with impeccable standards and excellent customer service, also offers expert advice. He can even e-mail his selection to friends - who will just happen to know your tastes.



You're not the only one who likes gifts in little boxes. Diamonds are the unexpected but always perfect men's gift for a birthday, engagement, wedding or anniversary. Make any occasion sparkle. The aura of a diamond adds to the element of surprise for an unforgettable gift. And besides, giving him a diamond might just be the best hint of all!
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Buy yourself a diamond! Celebrate a promotion, mark a special birthday or announce your independence with a right-hand ring. Brilliant and beautiful, a diamond radiates self-confidence and success. You've earned it... you deserve it. A diamond is affordable elegance that's always in style - unlike this season's shoes. Treat yourself to classic diamond stud earrings for day-to-night glamour. Accessorize any outfit with a three-stone pendant that sparkles with intrigue. Adorn your wrist with a tennis bracelet. Slinky and sensuous, it shows you've got an ace up your sleeve.
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