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To give you a basis for comparison, we've listed our most recent diamond sales. Use this table to compare the diamond you've selected - you'll get a better idea of the value of your diamond, and we help you spot the current most popular choices.
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Find Similar Shape Carats Color Clarity Report Cut Price ($)
Similar Princess 0.30 G VVS2 GIA Ideal $411.00
Similar Princess 0.50 D SI1 GIA Ideal $805.00
Similar Princess 0.52 I VS1 GIA Ideal $809.00
Similar Round 0.41 G VS1 GIA Ideal $945.00
Similar Round 0.42 I VVS2 AGS Ideal $1,001.00
Similar Round 0.30 D IF GIA Ideal $1,133.00
Similar Round 0.55 G VS2 GIA Excellent $1,289.00
Similar Round 0.75 F VS2 GIA Ideal $3,300.00
Similar Princess 1.07 I VS1 GIA Ideal $4,007.00
Similar Princess 1.50 J SI1 GIA Excellent $5,573.00
Similar Princess 1.01 F VVS2 GIA Excellent $5,636.00
Similar Princess 1.73 J VS2 GIA Very Good $6,685.00
Similar Round 1.11 G VS1 GIA Ideal $8,520.00
Similar Emerald 1.66 H VVS2 GIA Excellent $9,840.00
Similar Cushion 1.61 F VVS2 GIA Ideal $12,776.00
* Please note - diamond prices fluctuate on a weekly basis. Searching for a diamond similar to a sold diamond that appears in this list, may produce a diamond matching in every way but at a higher or lower price. This is due to the fluctuating prices in today's dynamic market trade.
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