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DIAMOND GRADING REPORTS offers exceptional diamonds at great value. But we understand that you are making a major purchase. In addition to providing expert guidance, we want you to be completely confident that your purchase is safe and secure.

We guarantee the quality of our stones. All of our loose diamonds are sold with a Diamond Grading Report that is an independent verification of the stone's quality. This includes the diamonds available to "Customize Your Own Ring." We encourage you to request and review the Diamond Grading Report prior to buying. We also recommend that you request an appraisal after you make your purchase.

Refer to the FAQs below to learn more about a Diamond Grading Report.

What is a Diamond Grading Report?
A Diamond Grading Report documents the diamond's unique characteristics. Performed by an independent gemological laboratory, the report examines and identifies the 4C's -cut, color, clarity, carat weight-plus finish, fluorescence and symmetry. The gemologist may add comments for further identification.


How do I know that I am getting the same diamond I selected?
Each Diamond Grading Report is assigned a unique number that corresponds to the stone and certifies its characteristics. To ensure proper identification, the Diamond Grading Report will have a diagram that shows all the inclusions unique to the stone, or in some cases, the diamond will be laser-inscribed with the number of the Diamond Grading Report.


Who issues Diamond Grading Reports?
To ensure your peace of mind, we offer diamond grading reports issued only by the two leading independent gemological laboratories, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS). Both have received international recognition for their high standards and ethics and are respected worldwide as premier research, education, and gemological grading institutes.

The GIA produces a full Diamond Grading Report, with a diagram of inclusions, for diamonds over 99 points. A Diamond DossierĀ® is an abbreviated version of the Diamond Grading Report that does not contain a diagram of the stone. However, the report number is laser-inscribed on the girdle of the diamond for identification.


What does a Diamond Grading Report look like?
Click to view a GIA report or an AGS report.



Does only sell diamonds with Diamond Grading Reports? offers only the highest quality diamonds. All loose diamonds, and diamonds available with our "Customize Your Own Ring" will have a Diamond Grading Reports certifying the carat weight, color, clarity, and additional characteritics of the diamond. A Diamond Grading Report also accommpanies our diamond stud earrings with a total carat weight of 1.50ct or more, and diamond solitaire pendants with a diamond weight of 1.25ct or more.


Where do I find the Diamond Grading Report?
When you are selecting your diamond from the Diamonds Details page, click on the "View Report" link for that stone.


What if I can't view a Diamond Grading Report online?
Contact us and we will e-mail or fax the report to you.


What is the difference between an appraisal and a Diamond Grading Report?
A Diamond Grading Report can be requested before making a purchase. However, it does not list the estimated retail replacement value. The appraisal is ordered after you make a purchase. It confirms the 4Cs, but also includes the estimated retail replacement value.


What if I lose my original Diamond Grading Report?
The number assigned to the Diamond Grading Report is on file with the grading institution that produced the report. Additional copies can be requested for a nominal fee.

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